Sen. Cicarella, Rep. Zullo Applaud $2M in Bond Funding for East Haven Town Pool Project

June 9, 2021

Funds will get residents back in the water and address serious issues at the town pool, closed since January 2020


State Sen. Paul Cicarella (R-North Haven) and State Rep. Joe Zullo (R-East Haven) applauded the legislature’s approval of $2 million in state bond funding to the Town of East Haven aimed at funding much needed renovations to the town pool facility. The authorization now goes to the state’s Bond Commission, which will be responsible for allocating the funds.


“This is welcome news for East Haven families. What once was a key element of the town’s recreation programs and appealed to residents of all ages had fallen into a state of extreme disrepair. After advocating for state support and explaining to my colleagues the significance of this project, I am pleased that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agreed with the importance and value of this investment. Renovating the town pool will give all people in our community access to recreational opportunities. This support enables East Haven to move forward and create something significant for the next generation. This is a win for the people of East Haven,” said Senator Cicarella.


Town officials opted to close the pool located on the site of the former high school at 200 Tyler Street in January of 2020 due to safety concerns arising from the facility’s aged infrastructure. Senator Cicarella and Representative Zullo, a member of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, worked collaboratively to deliver these funds to East Haven.


Representative Zullo said, “I’m thrilled to have been able to leverage my role as a new member of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee to bring these much-needed funds back to our district.  Our pool is a vital recreational asset in our community, I know residents have missed having it and I’m thrilled to know that, in partnership with Mayor Carfora, we’re going to be bringing a first-in-class facility to our community.”


Senator Cicarella said, “This state support gives East Haven an opportunity to design and create a safe and modern facility for our kids to use, learn in and enjoy.”


Representative Zullo said, “Bringing money home is always a bipartisan effort. Senator Cicarella brought considerable influence to bear in the Senate in helping to secure these funds. At the same time, Mayor Carfora was spectacular in jockeying amongst leaders on his side of the aisle to make sure our voices were heard up here at the Capitol.”


“Advocacy is about collaboration. This is how the process is supposed to work and I look forward to continue working with Representative Zullo and Mayor Carfora to be a strong voice for the people of East Haven. I look forward to the Bond Commission’s allocation of this funding,” said Senator Cicarella.