Sen. Champagne, Legislative Delegation Applaud Bonding for Tolland Fire Department

June 23, 2021

The process to secure state funding for the renovation of Tolland’s aging Fire Department facilities is moving forward following the legislature’s authorization of $1 million in new bonding. State Representatives Tammy Nuccio (R-53) and Tim Ackert (R-8) and State Senator Dan Champagne (R-35) applauded the move, which will help the town address a crumbling concrete foundation in its firehouse and support additional renovations.

“I’m pleased that Tolland Fire was included as part of a very large bond bill. These funds can be used to address many critical needs for Tolland Fire, literally beginning at the base level to remediate its crumbling foundation. Also, the money will be well spent in addressing other infrastructure needs of their building. It’s important to have a facility that is up to current standards so that our first responders can operate at a peak level to keep us safe. I look forward to the approval of the Governor’s Bond Commission to allocate these funds for the good of Tolland and our neighboring towns served by Tolland Fire,” Champagne said.

“The deteriorating condition of the firehouse have made it difficult for the Tolland Fire Department to recruit and retain new volunteers, and I worked hard alongside my colleagues on the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee to make sure the needs of our local first responders were reflected in the final bonding recommendations to the whole chamber,” Nuccio said. “This new financing will allow the town to remediate the building’s crumbling foundation, as well as extend the service bays, upgrade the electrical and drain systems and bring other facilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. I hope that the Governor’s Bond Commission recognizes the importance of this project to the Tolland Fire Department — which is often first on scene at fires in neighboring towns — and gives this project their final blessing.”

“I’m pleased that my colleagues in the General Assembly are supportive of this considerable investment in Tolland’s emergency infrastructure. This fire department also assists fire prevention efforts in neighboring communities, making this an even more valuable investment in North-Central Tolland County,” Ackert said. “Subject to the decision of the Bonding Commission, these new funds will allow Tolland to remediate and upgrade these facilities at a lower total cost to local taxpayers.”

Following the approval of the General Assembly and the Governor, the issuance of these bonds must be considered by the State Bond Commission before any funds can be allocated.