Waterbury-Area State Legislative Delegation to Governor & Democrats: ‘Knock it off.’

May 26, 2021

Sen. Berthel and Reps. Joe Polletta, Dave Labriola, John Piscopo and Lezlye Zupkus at the No Gas Tax Rally in Waterbury on May 22, 2021.


The Governor and legislative Democrats have a plan that would increase the price of gas and another that would result in you paying more for everyday services and goods such as groceries. With help from dozens of residents, we sent them a very public message in Waterbury last week: “Knock it off.”


We’re writing to thank those who joined us at our rally against their new Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) gas tax as well as their proposal to install a mileage-based tax on heavy trucks. These plans under consideration right now come at the worst possible time—as our state embarks on what could be a long and fragile economic recovery. Although the Governor claims that he opposes new taxes, his support for TCI suggests otherwise.


Make no mistake, these are regressive proposals and will further prevent the middle class’s recovery from a 14-month pandemic that resulted in shuttered businesses and tens of thousands unemployed. It’ll cost more to drive to work, to get the kids to school and practice, or to get mom and dad to a medical appointment. Simply putting food on the table will cost more too.


These controversial proposals will be decided in the next two weeks when the legislative session ends. We hope you’ll continue to speak out, to tell those who control the agenda at the Capitol that Connecticut is already unaffordable for the middle class. Visit stopthegastaxct.com to sign our petition and learn about future rallies.


Sen. Eric Berthel

Rep. Dave Labriola

Rep. John Piscopo

Rep. Joe Polletta

Rep. Lezlye Zupkus