Senator Witkos Hails Passage of Extended Telehealth Services

May 6, 2021

Hartford, CT – State Senator Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) has recently voted in support of a proposal to continue expanded telehealth coverage through 2023.  The bill, House Bill 5596, codifies in state statute the Governor’s executive order on telehealth services through June 2023.  The bill passed the Senate unanimously after previously passing the House of Representatives on a unanimous basis.


“Maintaining consistent access to healthcare for individuals in need is critical.  As we’ve seen over the past year, telehealth services have become a lifeline for people who are otherwise not able to attend a medical appointment in person.  Delayed healthcare can be a life of death situation in some circumstances and the continued availability of telehealth services can truly be a lifesaver” said Senator Witkos.


“Throughout the pandemic I had heard from healthcare professionals, social workers, patients, and others touting the success of telehealth and their desire to see these services continue.  I was pleased to have voted in support and I am grateful for the continued hard work of our medical community in serving those in need.  While I was hopeful that these changes would become permanent, I am nonetheless pleased that the availability of these services has been extended through 2023” Senator Witkos added.


The legislature previously approved a bill in July 2020 extending telehealth services through March 2021, a bill Senator Witkos also voted in favor of.