Sen. Miner Statement on Senate Passage of Bill Expanding Release of Prison Inmates

May 12, 2021

Bill broadens ‘compassionate parole release’


Chief Deputy Senate Republican Leader Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) issued the following statement following the Senate’s passage of S.B. 1058, which expands “compassionate parole inmate release.” Groups including the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence and the CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence testified against this bill.


“When I think of this issue, I think of what the mitigating circumstances must be before you make a decision to make the public less safe. Are we going to create a problem that might be just as bad or worse for a broader population by taking this step?” said Senator Miner.


“We’ve all had to reconsider even the most basic human connections over the past year: family members, good friends and how we interact with them. I hadn’t hugged my daughter in almost a year. If I was in prison and wanted to get out, I’d argue any number of things to have the opportunity as outlined in this bill. The clear and present danger are the violent offenders that would undoubtedly make the argument for release under the sweeping definition for those eligible under this measure. Proponents of this bill have acknowledged that inmates that would take advantage of these relaxed parameters for compassionate release are incarcerated for egregious crimes; there was a victim in all their offenses.


“Voting ‘yes’ is a bad idea. I know how desperately people want to get out of prison. The risks outweigh the benefits to those in my district and the entire state of Connecticut, so I am opposed. We should seek to work with the Department of Corrections to make a significant upgrade to its emergency plan in response to what this bill attempts to address,” he said.