Sen. Kelly Response to CT Democrats Advocating for a New Gas Tax

May 12, 2021

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement regarding the TCI-P gas tax increase and a press conference held today by CT Democrats urging lawmakers to support the tax increase:

“With East Coast gas shortages and skyrocketing gas prices, it shouldn’t be lost on anyone that Democrats from Gold Coast communities are advocating for a gas tax increase on working people from urban areas where gas prices are already typically higher, to pay for their constituents’ Teslas.

“Families across our state are struggling financially. We should not be making Connecticut even more unaffordable for working and middle class families. The Governor has acknowledged that the TCI-P is a tax, and the facts show it will not deliver on its promises of clean air. If you want to stop this tax, please join us at our rallies across the state to raise awareness or sign our petition at We will be in Wallingford on Friday at 5:00 PM, Bristol on Saturday at 10:00 AM, and Enfield on Monday at 5:00 PM.”

To learn more about the TCI-P tax increase and why the program will not deliver on its environmental promises click here.