Local legislators rail against tax proposal [Record-Journal]

May 24, 2021

From the Record-Journal:


Sen. Cicarella, Rep. Yaccarino (second from right) and Rep. Fishbein (right) at the Stop the Gas Tax Rally in Wallingford on May 14.

Local Republican lawmakers gathered recently for a “Stop the Gas Tax/Food Tax” Rally, a response to a proposed tax hike on gas and mileage. The rally took place Friday, May 14 at Mobile Gas, 1001 North Colony Road in Wallingford.

A letter signed by state Sen. Paul Cicarella and state representatives Vincent Candelora (House Minority Leader), Craig Fishbein and David Yaccarino states:

“The Governor and legislative Democrats have a plan that would increase the price of gas and another that would result in you paying more for everyday services and goods such as groceries. With help from dozens of residents, we sent them a very public message in Wallingford (May 14): Enough is enough.

“We’re writing to thank those who joined us at our local rally against their new Transportation and Climate Initiative gas tax as well as their proposal to install a mileage-based tax on heavy trucks. These plans under consideration right now come at the worst possible time—as our state embarks on what could be a long and fragile economic recovery.

“Make no mistake, these are regressive proposals. The people who can least afford them will be hurt most. It’ll cost more to drive to work, to get the kids to school and practice, or to get mom and dad to a medical appointment. Simply putting food on the table will cost more too.

“These controversial proposals will be decided between now and June 9, when the legislative session ends. We hope you’ll continue to speak out, to tell those who control the agenda at the Capitol that Connecticut is an expensive-enough place to live already. Visit stopthegastaxct.com to sign our petition and learn about future rallies.”