Community rallies against proposed state gas tax, food tax in Waterbury [WTNH News 8]

May 24, 2021

From WTNH News 8:



Local Republicans spoke out in Waterbury Saturday about the proposed gas tax increase.

They say the proposal would hurt working and middle-class families’ wallets at the pump, adding the bill could increase the price of gas by 20-25 cents a gallon.

State Sen. Eric Berthel (CT-32) told News 8, “I think what it really comes down to is — we see a tax like this, some people say ‘it’s only a couple more pennies at the gallon, and I’m filling up my car with gas,’ but what this truly affects downstream is that everything that comes to Connecticut comes on a truck. Home heating oil, propane, groceries…All of those vehicles are going to be taxed more by this.”

Meantime, advocates for the bill say the Transportation Climate Initiative would require polluters to pay for the pollution they’re causing.