A Better Way to Affordable Health Care

May 24, 2021


For middle class Connecticut families, health insurance is anything but affordable. Cost growth is out of control and premiums are often the size of a monthly mortgage payment. Connecticut Senate Republicans are working to ease burdens on middle class families, and we are offering a plan to make quality health care more affordable.

CT Democrats’ proposals for “public option” health care would disrupt the current health care system and replace it with a government-run system. Our plan works to fix the current system, so you can keep your insurance, keep your doctor, and still get savings.

Our plan will:

  • Reduce health insurance premiums by up to 30%.
  • Rein in out of control health care cost growth
  • Reduce prescription drug costs
  • Deliver on health equity
  • Ensure transparency and accountability
  • Protect thousands of good paying Connecticut jobs.

ADD YOUR VOICE! Tell the Governor and Democrats to Support Our Plan & Make Health Care More Affordable for All People


Submit Testimony in Support

  1. Send a brief email TODAY to [email protected].
  2. In the subject line put: “Yes to Senate Bill 1006. Yes to a Better Way to Affordable Health Care.”
  3. Share this information with fellow CT residents.

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