Sen. Martin votes against ending religious exemption

April 28, 2021

Senator Henri Martin (R-31) spoke in opposition to HB 6423, that eliminates parental rights to make health choices for their children by requiring vaccinations in order to enroll in school in Connecticut.


Senator Martin shared the following statement after the vote:


“Personal choice and a parent’s right to choose for their family are of paramount importance and even through the hours of debate today, there was never an adequate rationale presented as to why this policy change is needed and much less as to why it is needed now.


“While the government does have the right to step in when it comes to matters of protecting public safety, the data that I have seen does not indicate that we are actually in an emergency situation at present. A child’s education is not worth jeopardizing nor is infringing on parent’s rights if there is not a considerable improvement generated by this policy change.


“It is my hope that in the future that this legislative body will properly consider if the benefits of the measures they propose are actually worth the peripheral ramifications they may cause.”