Sen. Champagne Statement on Senate Passage of Bill Eliminating Religious Exemption for Child Vaccinations

April 28, 2021

Assistant Senate Republican Leader Dan Champagne (R-Vernon) issued the following statement following the senate’s passage of a Democratic-majority bill that eliminates the state’s religious exemption for required vaccines for school enrollment. The bill was passed by the state’s house of representatives last week and now awaits Governor Ned Lamont’s signature to become law.


“When I look at this legislation, I see it as taking people’s freedom away. Vaccinating your child should be up to you, your physician and your religious beliefs. The government should not force you to put anything in your body with the penalty of taking away your constitutional right to an education,” said Sen. Champagne.


“During this legislative session with irregular rules under the backdrop of COVID, the majority cut off public input on this bill, taking away the people’s rights. It’s disgraceful. I attempted to bring a voice to the people that were shut out of this bill’s public hearing on the senate floor today. Their voice was once again shut out when I was limited from directly reading aloud my constituents’ passionate testimony in opposition.


“We have one of the highest child vaccination rates in the nation; there’s no emergency. We have exempted Kindergarten through grade 12 in this bill. With that said, what medical emergency has happened that would require this? I’m proud to vote ‘no’ for this bill and support the rights of my constituents,” he said.