Speak out on escalating car thefts

March 31, 2021

Demand lawmakers address spike in juvenile car thefts

Over the last year, car thefts and burglaries have dramatically increased in our state. Many of these crimes are being committed by juveniles who act without fear of significant legal repercussion. Towns and their law enforcement agencies have asked the state for help addressing the problem.

Currently, both the police and the courts find it nearly impossible to detain or prosecute a juvenile who is caught stealing a car, even for repeat offenders.  Such auto thefts are not limited to any given area; they are occurring in cities and towns across our state.  Moreover, auto thefts are not limited to property crimes and they lead to even more serious crimes that jeopardize the safety of other drivers, law enforcement and all communities.

CT Republicans have proposed bills that would give law enforcement officers and our courts the tools they need to reduce these crimes.


  1. Write an email with your thoughts to [email protected]
  2. Put “Testimony re: HB 6667 and 6669” in the subject line
  3. Make sure to include your thoughts, including that you support CT Republican proposals to give law enforcement officers and the courts the tools they need to stop future crimes.