Sen. Sampson reacts to cyberbullying, part 1

March 10, 2021
**since this posting the video has been removed from the GAE YouTube Channel**
There is post being shared all over the internet with a very unflattering photo of yours truly supposedly “sleeping” during a committee meeting at the capitol. That is false.
The photo is a screenshot capture taken from a short two min video taken prior to last Friday’s Government Administration and Election’s committee where I was simply waiting for the meeting to begin. At one point I rocked back in my chair to say a little prayer as I often do before a long speech. The clever “screenshot” is attached.
The 2 min clip was apparently captured and shared on the legislature’s YouTube page for the GAE committee. I wonder why anyone would capture that and then leave on the page for all the world to see.
Here is the link but I will note that I have already asked that it be removed since I had no idea I was being recorded prior to the meeting and it should never have been recorded much less posted.
If anyone is curious of how asleep I was or just how hard I am fighting for my constituents to make good election policy, I encourage you to watch the entire almost 5 hour committee meeting that followed here.
I do my best to offer respect and kindness to all people in all situations and particularly those with different political views since I want them to argue our positions and not our personalities. I am beyond disappointed at how toxic politics has become in recent times and again appeal to everyone regardless of their beliefs to remember that we are neighbors first.
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