Sen. Sampson reacts to cyberbullying, part 2

March 11, 2021
Good morning everyone! After yesterday’s nonsense with the fake picture of me “sleeping”, I woke up wondering what’s next? Maybe a nice photoshop of my head on bigfoot will appear today!
Nothing would surprise me anymore. At least this one gave me a good laugh. Still, it really is startling how out of hand politics has become. What shocks me the most is the sheer amount of hatred that exists in the hearts in a few of our neighbors. I am constantly asking myself – what exactly are they so angry with? Can it really be others who simply have a different opinion than they do? For me, I was raised to cherish and respect that diversity of ideas as what makes our country so amazing! We should embrace other’s freedom to live and think as they choose as we value our own.
I will note that on the political spectrum I am considered a libertarian leaning conservative Republican. That means my politics are based in the idea of every single person having the right and freedom to choose their own path in life and whatever pursuits they desire, including just being left alone, and also keeping more of what they earn. What is so deserving of hate from that?
Every vote I take tends towards more freedom and less telling others how to live. Ironically, it is the modern Democrat party that is constantly regulating our lives and limiting our freedoms, interfering with private contracts, censoring speech, over-regulating businesses, making policy that ignores individual liberty, constitutional rights, and due process. Outside of criminal laws, I don’t think I have ever voted yes on a bill proposal that requires my constituents to do something more than they did before. If anything, my focus has been to shrink government and grow personal choice and freedom.
This also means that all the campaign propaganda that says that me or any Republicans are racists, fascists, or bigots requires one to set aside all reason and common sense. Note that refusing to support policies that give the government more power is just that, nothing more.
I remain hopeful those among us who are seized by anger will snap out of it before long. I truly feel bad for them. That is no way to live or to see the world. Maybe I am crazy but I have always believed that if I remain consistent about my beliefs and continue to offer kindness and respect, it will eventually be returned.
Who knows? Maybe even the person responsible for yesterday’s hateful post will issue an apology and a correction today…
Wouldn’t that be great?
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