Sen. Miner Stands with Senate Republican Colleagues to Say ‘No’ to latest extension of Executive Authority

March 31, 2021

Chief Deputy Senate Republican Leader Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) today issued a statement of opposition to the Senate’s passage of an emergency-certified Democrat bill (H.B. 6672) to renew Governor Lamont’s emergency civil preparedness and public health declarations. Senate Republicans offered a strike-all amendment to the bill, which required legislative ratification of any emergency declaration of more than seven days, within two weeks of the declaration. The amendment failed along party lines.

These declarations have been in place since March of 2020 and renewed twice since that time. This measure extends the emergencies through May 20, 2021. This is the first time that the legislature has called a vote on this matter, with the House passing the measure last week along party lines. The governor has issued 91 executive orders under the emergency powers granted to him through these declarations.

“This bill, as originally written, fails to reinsert this body in making or advising on decisions going forward. The amendment offered was not about abuse of power. It was written because my constituents have questions and have expressed concerns. There’s been a significant loss of life and business since we entered the pandemic over a year ago. This fact is not lost on me. It’s been a year that we have all struggled as a state in trying to find a way to be healthy and to prosper.


“Early on in the pandemic, there was significant communication and cooperation with the administration as these executive orders were issued. I had the ability to voice the concerns of those in Litchfield County, and their issues were rectified. That spirit of cooperation has diminished over time where my constituents now are confused about the direction of our state and feel that their voice is limited. I agree with them,” said Sen. Miner.


“This amendment would have ensured that both sides cannot vacate responsibility. I’m willing to go on record on any issue related to COVID, and willing to share what my constituents are going through. We have an opinion, and that opinion is valid today. The passage of this bill in its original form prevents us from fully doing the people’s business, sharing your voice and fully taking back our duty to our constituents,” he said.