Sen. Miner Calls on Colleagues to Re-Examine Section of Sweeping Bill That Includes PILOT Policy Changes

March 1, 2021

Chief Deputy Senate Republican Leader Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) today called on senate colleagues to re-examine a section of a sweeping emergency-certified, Democrat-sponsored bill that includes policy changes to the state’s Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) program. The bill (HB 6516) also includes measures to protect Connecticut residents employed in New York from double taxation as well as removes state-held liens on the properties of low-income residents, both elements that he supported. Senator Miner introduced an amendment to remove this PILOT section of the bill prior to a vote so that it may undergo the standard review process through the Appropriations Committee to determine its fiscal note. The amendment ultimately failed during the senate’s session today and the bill passed as written.

“This bill and the inclusion of PILOT funding falls under the backdrop of the Governor’s unbalanced budget and with no revenue to pay for it. Unless we find another $100 million of revenue, it obligates us to raise taxes,” said Senator Miner.

“It is troubling that this policy change to PILOT funding, ultimately one that favors large cities, did not go to the Appropriations Committee because it is a potential obligation. We can talk about PILOT payments to be used for housing, mental health, you name it. This conversation must be held separately in fairness to the Appropriations Committee and the role that it plays,” he said. “Another significantly unfair component of the bill would send $5 million to Bridgeport, even if not one penny of additional funding goes into the formula.”