Sen. Kelly Urges Congressional Delegation to Press for Clean Air Policies in States to CT’s West

March 8, 2021

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) is urging Connecticut’s Congressional Delegation to push for clean air reforms in states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


Citing the ongoing debate at the State Capitol over the Transportation and Climate Program Initiative (TCI-P) which would require higher taxes on Connecticut’s middle class families, Sen. Kelly said “these higher taxes would be levied on Connecticut families even as states to our west are not moving forward with their own clean air reforms.”


Noting that the jet stream carries weather systems from west to east, Sen. Kelly said, “If Connecticut middle class families are going to be asked to make this financial sacrifice to achieve cleaner air, then states to our west should make the same commitment.  Otherwise, we here in Connecticut would get nothing for our sacrifice. I am urging you, as Connecticut’s delegation, to speak with one voice in urging that clean air policies be adopted by states to the west of Connecticut like New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Reforms made in those states will have a meaningful impact on our air and won’t require increased gas taxes resulting in more burdens on Connecticut’s middle class families. Without these actions, Connecticut’s adoption of TCI-P will result in cleaner air for Rhode Island and over the Atlantic Ocean.”


Sen. Kelly added, if the delegation does not find success in convincing states to Connecticut’s west to make these reforms, then other, more affordable solutions could also be pursued at the federal level which will help to improve Connecticut’s air and environment.  For example, Sen. Kelly cited how solutions aimed at reducing congestion along Interstate 95 and preserving open space “will help move Connecticut toward the goal of reduced emissions without asking middle class families to make painful financial sacrifices.”


Read Sen. Kelly’s letter to the CT Congressional delegation.