Sen. Kelly: The Governor’s Plan for Transportation Punishes the Middle Class

March 30, 2021

Statement on Governor’s Remarks on a Gas Tax Increase and Mileage Tax


HARTFORD – Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) released the following statement in response to Governor Ned Lamont’s press conference today urging support for the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) gas tax increase program and a $90 million mileage tax on trucks. The gas tax proposal will be discussed in tomorrow’s meeting of the General Assembly’s Environment Committee.


“The governor’s vision for transportation punishes the middle class. A 17-cent gas tax increase and higher prices for goods transported by trucks, like home heating oil and groceries, are not smart policies to bring relief to Connecticut families, nor will they lead to cleaner air in our state.


“Governor Lamont admitted that this ‘small tax’ on gas would ‘discourage people from buying gas and maybe lead to more electric cars’ (WICC, March 26, 2021). The problem is many middle class families are not economically privileged enough to afford such cars and must not be punished for living in the sluggish economy caused by Democrats’ bad choices.  The reality for Connecticut middle-class families is that purchasing gasoline and food is still a necessity and increasing taxes on both is extremely regressive. It’s also misleading to suggest that the TCI gas tax will lead to cleaner air in Connecticut as states to our west are not moving forward with their own clean air reforms.


“Republicans consistently show that we can invest billions of dollars in transportation over the long term with no tolls and no tax increases. We can create jobs right now and bring relief to the middle class. But Democrats want none of that. They want to continue the policies that have made CT dead last in job growth and personal income growth. We have the better way.”