2021 Bill Spotlight – CT House Tax

March 2, 2021

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

This going to be a very interesting legislative session, for reasons far beyond the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic.

I’m going to be providing a series of “Spotlights” on some of the most outrageous proposals coming out of Hartford, and keeping you apprised as to how you can speak out on these measures (most of which include additional financial burdens on your household.)

Our first bill, SB 172, has been nicknamed the “House Tax” or the “Mansion Tax.”

Read the letter I sent to Connecticut’s business leaders which underscores not only the fees it will impose on middle class homes, but ALL Connecticut businesses.

As I assured our business leaders, I will keep you posted on this bill’s progress, especially if it is bought to a public hearing.

Thank you and I hope you are safe and healthy!

Sen. Henri Martin