(Watch) CT Senate GOP Leader Kevin Kelly Highlights “A Better Way”

February 9, 2021


Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly today released a three-minute video which highlights the Senate Republicans’ vision for Connecticut.

Titled “A Better Way”, the video, narrated by Sen. Kelly, discusses Senate Republicans’ efforts to improve the quality of life for everyone in Connecticut with a focus on protecting middle class families’ wallets.

“Our message is clear,” Sen. Kelly says. “We want the voices of middle class Connecticut families to be heard by the government they voted for.”


Sen. Kelly points to Republican solutions which:


  • improve access to affordable health care
  • improve access to good-paying jobs
  • make Connecticut more affordable

For Connecticut Senate Republicans, Sen. Kelly says “A Better Way” is “not just about saying we care. It’s about taking action to help Connecticut’s middle class families and passing policies which support your access to good-paying jobs. We are solely focused on protecting Connecticut’s middle class….and insuring its success. Connecticut Senate Republicans have common sense, reasonable solutions for “A Better Way“, and we will work tirelessly to be your voice.  I hope you agree.”