Sens. Kelly, Martin pan Gov’s ongoing push for a regional gas tax hike

February 17, 2021





Connecticut Senate Republican leaders today issued the following statements regarding the Lamont administration’s continued push for a regional gas tax hike:



Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) said,


“How much more out of touch can they be? Their argument is that it’s ‘only’ a five cent per gallon tax hike? Tell that to a single mother or a senior on fixed income. This regressive tax hike will burden middle class families’ budgets at the absolute worst possible time without improving our aging transportation infrastructure.  Meanwhile, states to our West continue to pollute our air here in Connecticut.  We call on Connecticut’s federal delegation to help remedy that air pollution.  The governor and majority Democrats continue to barrage Connecticut families with new and higher taxes. Senate Republicans have a better way which makes Connecticut more affordable for middle class families and doesn’t create higher driving taxes.”


Senator Henri Martin (R-Bristol), Ranking Senator on the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, said


“Should this get approved, the Connecticut legislature will not be able to control the tax rate or any future tax increases. If these initiatives are such high priorities for Gov. Lamont and DEEP, then they should make room within the existing revenue streams to accomplish these goals instead of further burdening Connecticut’s middle class families in these trying times.”