Martin, Somers: CT Driving Tax Proposal “Should Be Permanently Parked”

February 4, 2021


Martin, Somers Say Driving Tax Proposal

Should be Permanently Parked

Senator Henri Martin (R-Bristol) and Sen. Heather Somers (R-Groton) issued the following statements regarding Democrat proposal to study the creation of a Connecticut Mileage Tax.

Sen. Martin, the Ranking Senator on the legislative Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, said, “A Connecticut mileage tax that would put a GPS chip in your vehicle to track your every move is a ‘Big Brother’-type idea. There was bipartisan opposition to this idea in the past, and we hope that bipartisan opposition continues now.  Instead of new tax hikes, we need to focus on getting our state’s fiscal house in order and passing policies which help our economy grow.”

Sen. Somers, the Ranking Senator on the legislature’s Transportation Committee, said, “A driving tax on middle class Connecticut families is an idea which should be permanently parked. We already have a gas tax.  We don’t need more taxes to burden state residents, yet every day we learn of more and more Democrat proposals to separate middle class families from their wallets.”