Feb 24 2021 CT House Vote on Data Centers

February 24, 2021

Senator Rob Sampson shares the following statement on today’s Connecticut State House Vote on Data Center Incentives:


“I’m extremely disappointed just watching the Connecticut General Assembly pass yet another tone deaf humongous corporate welfare bill that would benefit huge corporate data centers at the expense of every other taxpayer in their communities.  Via emergency certification no less.


“Worse, I only saw six Republicans cast a ‘nay’ vote.   Kudos to them – and for every Republican that voted yes, they should rethink what party they are in. The Republican Party is the party of equal protection under the law and limited government intervention in peoples lives.  When you give a tax break to one person or one company, you are asking everyone else to make up the difference.


“I will continue to stand for the alternative which is to fight for policy that makes Connecticut a more attractive place for every person and every business – without the state government deciding who wins and who loses.”