“We are the voices of all people.”

January 12, 2021

Senate Republican Leader Kevin Kelly issued the following statement:


“Now more than ever, our state and our nation need healing and unity, not more division.  Words matter. That is why, as Senate Republican Leader, I find it so disappointing that Senators Looney and Duff are now using their own incendiary language in reference to a Republican state senator to score political points.  Directing that type of incendiary language at our colleague is, quite frankly, uncalled for.  Connecticut’s Senate Democrat leadership should be ashamed.


“The Connecticut Senate Republican caucus condemns violence in all its forms and will not tolerate threats or hateful social media comments. That is why our caucus brought those comments to the attention of the State Capitol Police.


“I would remind Senate Democrat leadership that as lawmakers, we all work in the marketplace of ideas.  We are the voices of all people.  A policy such as Connecticut’s new police accountability law is worthy of review, criticism and debate. Let us all recommit ourselves to elevating that debate moving forward.”