“This (tax hike) is going to hit Milford, Manchester, Naugatuck, Hamden, Madison…”

January 27, 2021


From the Hartford Courant :

Republican legislators say a Democratic leader’s plan to enact a new property tax on the wealthy will instead target middle class homeowners since it would impose an annual levy on all Connecticut residences worth more than $430,000.

Senate Republican leader Kevin Kelly of Stratford said it is a tax on the middle class across Connecticut.

“What they’re going after are solid, middle-class homes in every community, in every town,’’ Kelly said. “No, it’s not a mansion tax. This is going to hit Milford, Manchester, Naugatuck, Hamden, Madison. It will hit all communities. This isn’t like your mansions in southwestern Fairfield County only. A $400,000 home is in every single town. … The facts will show you that’s a middle-class tax.’’

Kelly added, “The solution to every problem is a tax and a bullseye on the middle-class wallet, whether it’s tolls or gas taxes or insurance taxes. Now, it’s just not the wallet. Now, they’re coming after our homes.’’

The final details of the proposal – which is currently only one sentence long – will be fleshed out in the coming weeks and months by the legislature’s tax-writing finance committee.