Sen. Sampson responds to Sens. Looney and Duff on Police Accountability, etc.

January 12, 2021

At a time of great tension in our state and nation, Senate Democrat leaders Martin Looney and Bob Duff have launched a nonsensical attack, intended to distract from the legitimate concerns I’ve raised about their public policy record on the subject of law and order over the last decade, and to malign and defame me personally.

Their excuse is a comment by a third party on a long thread responding to a post I placed on Facebook. I shared an article from the CT News Junkie that highlighted the unwillingness of the Democrat leadership of the legislature’s Judiciary committee to address the numerous and legitimate concerns with the recently passed police accountability bill. That legislation diminishes the effectiveness of law enforcement and puts the lives and property of the public at risk.

I was unaware of the comment until it was brought to my attention by the press Monday morning, and I addressed it as soon as I learned of it. I spoke to the Capitol police, and contacted Senator Gary Winfield, who had expressed concern about the comment.

I also immediately released a statement which clearly condemned violence or threats of violence, and I reminded my neighbors “that the beauty of America is that we are free to disagree, and to do so with passion. However, there is no reason we cannot do so politely and with respect for our fellow man or woman.”

It is my responsibility as a Senator to challenge bad public policy. I have also fought the tax and spend policies that destroyed Connecticut’s once-vibrant economy, and I’ve called out the Democrat leadership that has allowed Governor Lamont to rule without legislative oversight.

For that, Senators Looney and Duff want to discredit me. In a cynical attempt to sully my reputation. they have seized on a comment I did not make, did not encourage, and did not tolerate. The casual slander committed by these leaders in their release diminishes the dignity of our chamber. Its aim is to stifle the open, reasonable debate required to address our problems as a state. My duty is to my state and to my constituents, and I will not be silenced by baseless and intemperate accusations.


Senator Rob Sampson