Sen. Miner, Senate Republicans Urge Governor to Prioritize Elderly and At-Risk with COVID-19 Stage 1b Vaccinations

January 14, 2021

Chief Deputy Senate Republican Leader Craig Miner (R-Litchfield) was joined by members of the Senate Republican Caucus in a letter sent to Gov. Ned Lamont making a specific request to prioritize those with the greatest risk of death in the next COVID-19 vaccination segment (Stage 1b), according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Currently, Governor Lamont’s Vaccination Allocation Subcommittee proposes to include the 65 and older population and those with comorbidities in the 1b vaccination stage, as recommended by the CDC. In a departure from CDC guidelines, the committee plans to include prisoners in the 1b segment. In the letter, Senator Miner and other Senate Republicans are urging the governor to prioritize those that are over the age of 65 or at-risk ahead of the general prison population.

Read the full letter here.

“I’m pleased that Governor Lamont and his Vaccine Allocation Subcommittee plan to follow CDC guidelines and protect those with the greatest risk of death from the virus: seniors and those with preexisting conditions. What’s troubling is that his committee’s decision to include the general prison population in the 1b vaccination segment may have severe consequences for those who are at the highest risk of death.

“This statement is not my opinion; it is a fact. Data shows that 90 percent of our more than 6,400 deaths are those who were 60 and older, and the majority of deaths occurring in the 70+ population. We must prioritize our seniors and those at risk,” said Senator Miner.

More information from the CT Dept. of Public Health is available here.