“No tolerance of any form of hate, vandalism or violence in our state.”

January 13, 2021

Senator Tony Hwang offers the following statement in reaction to the vandalism and racial message in Fairfield today (Jan 13, 2021)

“I am emotionally upset and strongly reacting to the vandalism and hate graffiti statement on politics and the insinuation of racial bias against Chinese Americans that appeared today at an elementary school in Fairfield.  These cowardly racist and political themed messages were written on the sidewalk of a school intended for parents/caregivers and students to see was abhorrent.  And to place it onto the property of a nationally recognized school known for its diversity of race, religion and ethnicity adds to the potency of the intended hate message.

“There is no place on any school campus for the invoking of incendiary messages against any person, race, religion, orientation, disability or ability, or any difference in political thought.”

“As a state senator, I proudly played an integral role in the introduction of the strongest anti-hate legislation Connecticut has seen to date, and I will continue to be an advocate for all Connecticut residents without exception.

“We are at a pivotal time in our town, state and country. I am imploring each and every resident to work toward the common goals of respect, repair and unity. 

“There will be no tolerance of any form of hate, vandalism or violence in our state and it is my hope that the Fairfield Police Department takes this act seriously, and prosecutes the vandals to the fullest extent of the law.”