Senator Witkos Urges Support of Restaurant Industry

December 18, 2020

Hartford, CT – Senator Kevin Witkos (R-Canton) is urging additional support of the state’s restaurant industry.  Senator Witkos recently met with longtime Canton restauranteur and owner of the Saybrook Fish House, Joe Addonizio, to discuss the ongoing challenges facing the industry.


“Since the pandemic began, restaurants have been challenged in unprecedented ways.  These challenges have recently been exacerbated by the onset of winter and the loss of many outdoor dining options.  Across Connecticut, restaurants employ thousands of hard-working individuals.  From waitstaff, bartenders, chefs and kitchen staff and more, there are countless families and respective employers struggling to stay afloat” said Senator Witkos.


“While the threat and concerns about Covid-19 are very real and should be taken seriously, restaurants are focused on adhering to all proper guidelines and procedures to ensure that dining in to enjoy a meal is a safe and healthy experience.   In recent weeks, Governor Lamont has hinted at additional support for the restaurant industry.  This support is long overdue and needs to be presented as soon as possible before additional restaurants are forced to close for good” added Senator Witkos.


“Like many Connecticut restaurants we were closed for 2 & 1/2 months beginning March 16th when the Governor closed restaurants to indoor dinning.  We reopened June 1st and were very fortunate to have our large patio space and amazing weather this summer and fall, providing enough shifts to keep 50 employees busy.  For the last six weeks there have been repeated, almost daily calls in local newspapers and television news for the Governor to shut down indoor dining.  Most of these reports have not provided the facts of how and where Covid is spread. These stories have had a major negative impact on all Connecticut restaurants, their employees, and their suppliers.  Since the first week of November our sales have declined by over 60% causing us to reduce our staff proportionally.  Additional support is greatly needed for our struggling industry” said Saybrook Fish House owner Joe Addonizio.

Sen. Witkos (L) meets with Joe Addonizio, owner of the Saybrook Fish House restaurant in Canton.

Sen. Witkos (L) meets with Joe Addonizio, owner of the Saybrook Fish House restaurant in Canton.