Senator Tony Hwang appointed to leadership role on CT General Assembly Insurance and Real Estate Committee

December 7, 2020

HARTFORD – State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) after winning re-election to his 4th term as state senator was appointed Senate Ranking Leader on the Insurance and Real Estate Committee in the Connecticut General Assembly.


The Insurance and Real Estate Committee is one of the joint standing committees of the Connecticut General Assembly. It has cognizance of all programs and matters relating to insurance law (health & property and casualty) and real estate law.


Senator Hwang offers the following statement on his assignment:


“Senate Republican Leader-elect Kevin Kelly has entrusted me with the matters which have been the primary focus of his legislative career by naming me the next ranking senator on the Insurance and Real Estate committee. I will continue his hard work sifting through proposals and providing viable alternatives to measures such as affordable health insurance options. My professional experience in residential real estate will also enable me to have a well-rounded perspective on policies that will impact our residential and commercial real estate marketplace and also landlords and tenants impacted by Covid-19 restrictions.


“This upcoming Connecticut General Assembly session will be a pivotal one for health insurance legislative policies. These policies should support ALL residents and businesses of Connecticut who are facing increasing challenges due to the escalating costs and declining access/choice to healthcare services. There are better ways to address the shortcomings of health insurance in Connecticut while still managing costs. I am prepared and ready to engage Governor Lamont’s administration, Democratic leadership and committee chairs in constructive dialogue and bring every voice and perspective into the discussion to find a better way than the current federal Affordable Care Act and CT’s Access Health Insurance programs or work to improve it. I am anxious to create practical and realistic solutions that will be more responsive and sustainable in addressing the essential public health needs now and for future challenges we may face.


“Now more than ever Connecticut’s leadership must be focused on solutions instead of partisanship. I will push to move away from one party rule policies that are unsustainable and unproductive when working toward a better future for Connecticut.”


Senator Tony Hwang as Deputy Senate Republican Leader is currently the ranking leader on the Public Safety and Security, Higher Education and Employment and Housing Committees. Hwang is also a member of the Transportation Committee.  Hwang also serves as the co-chair of the bipartisan BioScience Caucus.  Hwang was appointed to Governor Lamont’s Workforce Council on recommendations for supporting economic development. Hwang is a member of Connecticut’s Commission on Women, Children and Seniors (CWCS) 2Gen Advisory Council addressing intergenerational poverty.