Sen. Berthel Announces 2021 Committee Assignments

December 2, 2020

Sen. Berthel Reappointed as Ranking Member on Banks and Education Committees, Adds Ranking Designation on Human Services Committee; To Continue Service on Veterans’ Affairs Committee


 State Senator Eric Berthel (R-Watertown) has been reappointed by Sen. Minority Leader Kevin Kelly (R-Stratford) to serve as the leading Republican on the legislature’s Banks and Education Committees. In addition, Sen. Berthel will serve as ranking member on the legislature’s Human Services Committee and will continue service on the legislature’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

“It’s an honor to be entrusted with these leadership positions,” said Sen. Berthel, who was first elected to his seat in a 2017 special election. “I vow to continue working hard to advocate for the hardworking taxpayers of Connecticut and leverage my experience for the benefit of all constituents.

“I want to thank Senator Kelly for entrusting me with the responsibility of being the leading Republican voice on these important committees. We have important work ahead of us, especially with large deficits looming and moving the state forward to a sense of normalcy. I look forward to working with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to see if we can forge collaborative solutions. In cases where we cannot agree, I will be fighting on the side of all constituents, especially the middleclass taxpayers of this great state,” he said.

The Banks Committee has cognizance over banking regulation in the state. Sen. Berthel hopes to bring common sense to this position, and to encourage investment and economic growth in Connecticut.

The Education Committee works on education policy for the state’s K-12 schools. Sen. Berthel will use his position to advocate for the needs of children, parents and taxpayers during this time of an unprecedented public health crisis. Sen. Berthel plans to champion legislation that results in positive learning outcomes for students in all grade levels.

The Human Services Committee has cognizance over all matters relating to the Department of Social Services, including institutions under its jurisdiction, those with disabilities and those suffering from addiction and in need of rehabilitation. Sen. Berthel plans to use his leadership position to advocate for those who are vulnerable and ensure that these individuals receive the necessary support and treatment during the isolation brought about by COVID-19.

The Veterans’ Affairs Committee develops Connecticut-specific veterans policy. Sen. Berthel looks to improve the welfare of the state’s heroes and make sure they are appreciated for the service that they rendered.

The 2021 Legislative Session begins on January 6. Please contact his office if you have concerns or legislation proposals at [email protected] or call 860-240-8800.