Senator Sampson tapped to hold the line with government administration, public labor

December 7, 2020

Senator Rob Sampson (R-16) was appointed as the ranking Senator to the legislature’s Labor and Public Employees Committee in addition to continuing his role as the ranking Senator on the Government, Administration and Elections Committee.


“I am excited for the opportunity to take the lead role in GOP policymaking decisions when it comes to Labor and Elections. I have watched as the majority party has advanced their far-left agenda aimed at redefining the boundaries of government power, not to mention driving our state to financial ruin and rigging the election process.  This coming session, I will work with my Democrat counterparts wherever possible, but I am also prepared to be a daunting obstacle when necessary.” said Sen. Sampson.


Sen. Sampson stood alone earlier this year in combatting the Secretary of State’s mass mailing of absentee ballot applications to voters, condemning it as an irresponsible and criminal act.


“These past six months have shown that elected Connecticut Democrats will sink to the lowest level to push their agenda, exaggerating and exploiting a health crisis – even while simultaneously mismanaging it. After a ballot measure to allow early voting failed at the polls in 2014, the Secretary of State exploited this year’s traumatic events to ram through an expensive, error-ridden process that has undermined not only the integrity – but also the public confidence in our election process.  I will be using my position to make it clear what needs to be done to reverse these appalling measures.”


Sen. Sampson will also serve as a member of the Judiciary and the Commerce committees.


“There is an active campaign to suggest that a virus is the cause of all the state’s financial strain and suffering when it makes much more sense to blame the true culprit – the government response. It’s nothing new. We have been on a detrimental path for decades and we cannot afford to ignore our fiscal responsibilities any longer. We need a new policy direction immediately aimed at making Connecticut a more attractive and affordable place for everyone, citizens, businesses, college grads, retirees, and so on.  We need to reduce the tax and regulatory burden dramatically so we can compete.  Few have the courage to fight for such changes and it will be all but impossible from a small minority, but I am committed to making the case.”


As an experienced small business owner, Senator Sampson has extensive experience dealing with budgets and varying financial markets in several industries.  He is known as the leading and most outspoken conservative in the legislature, a guardian of civil and constitutional rights, and an advocate for Connecticut taxpayers and entrepreneurs.


“It is time to stand up and fight for a state government that will serve all residents.”