2021: an incredible turning point for Connecticut

December 31, 2020

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy 2021!


Over the past year every facet of our lives was impacted by the global pandemic. Keeping distance from loved ones, cancelling major life celebrations, homeschooling our children, and numerous sacrifices were made for the greater good and fear of spreading an infectious disease we are still learning about.


We must pause to remember those whose lives were both lost or impacted by the coronavirus, appreciate what blessings we have and now attempt to move forward as a community, state and nation.


In just a few days the legislature will convene the 2021 “regular” legislative session and we are long overdue to get back to work. Connecticut’s government was designed to have a representative voice. Public input was sidelined for the past year to allow the Governor to instantaneously handle public health concerns and conflicts with more immediacy. During this time, the quarantine unearthed a number of other major challenges and disparities that the state must handle with the same sense of urgency.


Issues that include addressing the state budget shortfall, providing the investment in improving our nursing homes and long term care infrastructure so they are safe for residents and staff, closing the education achievement gap only exacerbated by the remote school year, and taking swift and serious action to foster a state that continues to support a safety net for our most vulnerable. And we must continue to raise awareness of economic inequality, social justice and the need to maintain public safety.


2021 has all the potential to serve as an incredible turning point for Connecticut. With the increased administration of the vaccine we can hopefully find the light at the end of this health crisis tunnel. Hopefully, as the public health concerns are more under control, then the state government can shift its focus to ensuring that our state is a safe and supportive place for all our residents to call home. We must provide a collaborative ecosystem for businesses to sustain and grow. I look forward to working with colleagues from every point on the political spectrum to find solutions and I pledge to represent your voice in our state government.


Thank you for your continued support.