Sen. Hwang: “I denounce hate in all of its ugly forms.”

October 13, 2020

Senator Tony Hwang Statement on Hateful Cyber Attacks and Racial Slurs involving U.S. Representatives Jahana Hayes & Rosa DeLauro:


“I am deeply disturbed by the hateful and vile language that was directed at Representative Hayes and the disturbing images posted on social media involving Representative DeLauro. I denounce hate in all of its ugly forms and offer my support to our elected officials.

“No one should ever have to face such behavior. The disgusting racial slurs conducted by cyber-attack during Congresswoman Hayes’ Zoom meeting with Newtown residents are an example of completely unacceptable behavior by hateful individuals and groups under the anonymity of cyber/internet interaction. They have no place in our society. Also upsetting today was learning of the gory photo involving Congresswoman DeLauro removed by Facebook and Twitter.

“Commandeering a public meeting with hate speech and sharing such gory and violent photos on social media are unacceptable violations of civil discourse. I understand and have encountered the challenges Representatives Hayes and DeLauro face in managing hateful commentary while in the public eye. When people can hide behind a keyboard we far too often see extreme negativity that is completely unacceptable. I have confidence that local, state and federal law enforcement will locate and hold these cowardly individuals accountable.”