Recent uptick in violence in New Haven is ruining quality of life, says community

October 28, 2020

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NEW HAVEN, CT (WFSB) – For one New Haven neighborhood, enough is enough.

Neighbors are saying rising crime is ruining their quality of live.

In the Beaver Hills neighborhood, there’s been shootings, break-ins, and last week there was a violent assault. Residents says they just want to feel safe again.

“The first hit got to the back of head, it felt like a two by four,” said Nir Bongart.

Nir Bongart still has a cut on his face left over from the dozens of kicks after a group jumped him from behind while he was riding his bike down Bellevue Road last week.

“Nir is not going to change his habits, but I know my was has, I know my children have, it’s a concern,” said Abe Vail.

In addition to the recent assault, neighbors say there’s been shooting along with the synagogue on Norton Street getting broken into a number of times.

While New Haven police had to eliminate dozens of unfilled positions earlier this year due to budget cuts, police recently made two separate arrested tied to the shootings in the area.

Senator Len Fasano, who represents North Haven and is friends with Bongart, questions if the recent police accountability bill is playing a roll in rising crime.

“We believe that’s result in less police officers being recruited for the job, less police officers, officers retiring, which leaves a smaller force,” Fasano.

New Haven State Representative Toni Walker, who lives in the neighborhood and showed up to support her constituents, wouldn’t comment on Fasano’s claims, but says everyone should feel safe.

“The important thing is to make sure we have total representation and protection for every single person, no matter Republican, Democrat, Black, While, Christian, Jew, it doesn’t matter ever,” Walker said.

Bongart said years ago, they used to have a patrol night, driving around their cars, just keeping their eyes out for anything that looks out of place and after the violence, they’ve started again.

As for the assault, anyone with information is asked to contact police.