Fasano Statement on Hateful Zoom Attack on Republican Congressional Candidate Mary Fay

October 21, 2020

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding the reported posting of homophobic, obscene and threatening messages during a Zoom video debate between Republican congressional candidate Mary Fay, U.S. Representative John Larson, and Tom McCormick of the Green Party:

“As I said last week, this kind of disgusting personal virtual attack on any person is completely unacceptable,” said Fasano, who previously criticized hateful attacks made against Representatives Rosa DeLauro and Jahana Hayes last week. “We have seen hateful rhetoric ratcheted up over the past few weeks coming from people of all political affiliations. This type of behavior needs to be condemned and it needs to end. I agree with Congressman Larson’s comments that the attack reportedly targeting the moderator and Republican Mary Fay, an LGBTQ congressional candidate, is despicable. Political discourse involves having conversations about many issues including differences of opinion. But disagreements can still be respectful. The hateful, divisive and offensive behavior we have seen in recent weeks has absolutely no place in our state and our nation.”