Fasano Statement on Hateful Online Attacks Involving U.S. Representatives Rosa DeLauro & Jahana Hayes

October 15, 2020

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement regarding the posting of a gory image involving Representative Rosa DeLauro on social media and racist slurs targeting Representative Jahana Hayes during a community virtual forum earlier this week:


“This week two Connecticut U.S. Representatives were the target of absolutely unacceptable virtual attacks. Far too often we see people of all political affiliations hide behind their keyboards, using the anonymity of social media to spew hateful rhetoric which has ratcheted up over the past few weeks. This type of behavior has to stop and must be denounced. I greatly respect open and honest political discourse. Individuals can disagree with one another and have a conversation about their differences of opinion. But what we saw this week was not okay. It was inexcusable, hateful, offensive behavior that has no place in our society or political discourse.”