Sen. Berthel Statement on Democrat Majority Agenda for September 2020 Special Session

September 30, 2020

Hartford, CT – State Senator Eric Berthel (R-32) released the following statement in connection with the agenda for the September 2020 Special Session, with the Senate set to convene on Thursday or Friday following the House, which convenes today. The Senate Democrat-led chamber will vote on bills in 10 policy areas, which do not include legislation that addresses Connecticut’s ongoing public health and civil preparedness emergencies.

“It is critical for the residents of Connecticut to be aware that none of the bills that are up for a vote this week have anything to do with the ‘public health emergency’ or ‘civil preparedness emergency’ that this Democrat-led administration touts daily, paralyzing businesses and residents in the state.  What is on the agenda, however, are political bills catering to certain special interest groups just five weeks before a statewide and national election,” said Sen. Berthel.

“If it’s not safe enough to fully open Connecticut and not safe to remove the State of Emergency declaration, then how is it safe to bring all lawmakers back to the Capitol again? The hypocrisy here cannot be overlooked. If we are going to be called in to a special session  –  at a time when businesses remain shut down, schools operate in hybrid mode and people are being fined for not wearing masks – why are we not doing anything to actually address public health issues? Why aren’t we voting on anything to help those most vulnerable to the pandemic in our nursing homes? Why are we ignoring needed fixes for legislation like the police bill that takes effect tomorrow?

Instead we are voting on bills that could either be implemented by the Governor through executive order or really should be waiting until we have a full legislative session with public input and transparency to make sure they are thoroughly reviewed and unintended consequences are avoided. The agenda for this special session is about politics before an election – not public health. Governor Lamont’s call for special session belies all logic. Keeping the hands of the legislature tied and calling us in for special session is akin to having your cake and eating it, too,” he said.