Good news for Groton Schools!

September 30, 2020
Good news!  $477,647 in state Alliance District funding is on the way for improvements to Groton schools!
Groton Superintendent Michael Graner said he will brief the Board of Education next week on the state grant, but most likely the district will use the funding to improve its telecommunications system.
During the 2019 legislative session, I introduced a bill for Groton to receive its FULL Alliance District funding. In December, we applauded the news that the state Finance Advisory Committee approved the transfer of $600,000 in funding to Groton.
It has taken a lot of persistence, discussions, and some stops and starts, but I am thrilled to see the state approving this money for the Alliance District. These funds will CONTINUE to make a positive difference for Groton and the quality education that our teachers provide to local students. Many thanks to the governor and the State Bond Commission for approving $477,647 for Groton schools!