Case, Miner, Witkos Applaud Bond Allocations for Winsted & Torrington Schools

September 29, 2020

Hartford – The State Bond Commission approved two separate $477,647 bonding allocations on Tuesday that will go towards the general maintenance and building projects at Winsted and Torrington schools. The bond allocation to these two school districts was part of a larger bonding package, aimed at helping Alliance District members. Examples of items the bonding allocation can pay for includes improvements to windows, doors, boilers, and communication systems.

“This bonding allocation will help deliver a successful learning environment for our students. Additionally, this investment shows that the state has appreciated the hard work of the administration and faculty to improve the delivery of education services in Winsted and Torrington,” said Rep. Case. “I’ve often said the state should prioritize its spending, and this is a key example of the state providing a core government service backed by appropriate funding.”

Sen. Miner said, “This allocation is money well spent by the state. Educating the next generation of our state’s population should be a top priority and this education starts with the quality of our schools. Our school facilities must be up-to-date in order to provide our students with the best possible learning outcomes, and this will be accomplished through this bond allocation.” 

Sen. Witkos said, “This funding will be instrumental in supporting the Torrington Public Schools and I am pleased that the district will benefit from these additional funds.  Investing in our school districts will always yield positive results and this additional support will be most welcome. By supporting our school districts we are investing in the next generation and ensuring our students, teachers, and staff have the right tools to be successful throughout the school year.”

Additional items that the bonding resources can be used for include improvements to technology systems, lockers, floors, ceilings, and athletic fields. The area legislators applauded the Bond Commission’s unanimous action on the allocation that will help both Winsted and Torrington continue to provide excellent education options.