Sen. Hwang joins Gov. Lamont in Westport to Assess Storm Isaias Damage & Utility Response Feedback

August 9, 2020

Click HERE to view the video of Senator Hwang’s remarks.

Westport, CT – On Friday, August 8, 2020 Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) joined Governor Lamont and Westport First Selectman James Marpe along with federal, state and local officials in visiting the heavily impacted town of Westport and seeing the damage left in the wake of Tropical Storm Isaias throughout the coastal community.  The storm’s devastating high winds caused many downed trees and large limbs, home damage, blocked roads and widespread power outages.

Since the storm, both Governor Lamont and Senator Hwang have shared their disappointment and demanded greater accountability in public utility companies’ response (or lack of) to the estimated 800,000 power outages statewide.

Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) said, “I stand at this assessment event to represent and give a loud and forceful voice on behalf of the approximate thousand of out of power residents with virtually no response from our utility companies.

“In addition to the inconvenience that so many are facing, there are vulnerable residents including senior citizens, at-risk populations, whose very lives depend on the electricity in their living spaces.

“I want to join Governor Lamont in demanding that our essential public utilities handle these power outage & infrastructure damages with much greater urgency, transparency and accountability.

“Where are the make safe crews to ensure electrical safety for each town’s DPW? Clearing streets of fallen debris while facing possible electrocution is a public health and safety concern hampering emergency first responder services to address life and death emergencies.

“We need answers and transparent accountability and ultimately, real solutions and results.”

Senator Hwang has been in constant communication with his district’s senior centers, town halls and emergency command centers to offer support and assistance as they struggle to recover from Isaias and maintain their services.

Senator Hwang said, “I represent the countless residents who are beyond frustrated and growing more angry each passing minute, and the lack of communication and responsiveness with customers is a betrayal of public trust and adds insult to injury during this power outage.

“While we are facing an epic failure from our public utilities, I want to commend local leaders, emergency command centers, departments of public works and others for their organization and service to clear debris and ensure the public can receive support as they wait for the power to be restored.  I, like Governor Lamont, insist that all of our public utilities take immediate and urgent action to resolve these power outages and I will be an integral part of PURA’s investigation of our utility companies’ rate structure and disaster preparedness.”

You can view Senator Hwang’s remarks HERE.