Fasano Responds to Gov. Lamont’s Statements on Emergency Power Extension

August 31, 2020

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) released the following statement in response to Governor Ned Lamont’s claims that he has support from legislative leaders to extend his emergency powers:


“Today legislative leaders met with Governor Lamont to discuss whether he would seek an extension of the state’s public health emergency declaration. It was never decided that any legislative leader would vote in favor of extending the Governor’s powers. The Governor and lawmakers discussed what would be an appropriate time period for an extension, if one was to be granted. However, no leader acquiesced to vote yes or no on any request for an expansion of his powers. Following that meeting, legislative leaders met without the governor to further discuss his proposal. Republican legislative leaders made it very clear that we have serious concerns about expanding any emergency powers without also implementing a plan to give the public a voice in the process which they have been entirely shut out of thus far. There is a process for the Governor to request an extension of his emergency powers and seek legislative approval. That process has not happened yet.”