Senator Witkos Calls on Governor to Rescind Budget Cut to Local Health Departments

July 2, 2020

Senator Kevin Witkos has recently called on Governor Lamont and his administration to rescind a recent budget cut to local health departments.  As part of the FY 21 state budget, local health departments received an 8.5% cut in per capita funding.  Senator Witkos did not vote in favor of this budget.

“Over the past 5 months we have seen our health departments take on entirely new responsibilities and roles in helping to keep our residents safe and healthy.  To now follow through with a budgeted cut in light of recent events is even more frustrating.  As it has been reported numerous times, the threat of a second wave either in the fall or at a later date is a serious concern for many.  Knowing that our local health departments will inevitably be tasked with additional responsibilities from the state Department of Public Health, I struggle to understand why we are not increasing their funding, rather than decreasing” said Senator Witkos.

Read Senator Witkos full letter:   Sen. Witkos – DPH Funding