State Senator Tony Hwang Statement on Junteenth Anniversary

June 19, 2020

State Senator Tony Hwang offers the following statement to commemorate the anniversary of Juneteenth (June 19, 1865).  

“I can’t think of anything more worthy of celebration than ‘Freedom for all.’ This year it is especially important due to Black Lives Matters movement and murder of George Floyd to take time to remember the day when the Emancipation Proclamation abolishing slavery went into effect following the end of the Civil War.  This celebration of black pride and history is emotionally and symbolically important to renew a greater appreciation for the invaluable contributions of African Americans to the success and accomplishments in America.


Days like Juneteenth also provide a needed reminder that every American is entitled to possess the same rights, freedoms and protection under the law.  This year, let each of us make this country a better place for everyone to live and thrive.”