Take Action: Support Music Education in Schools

May 13, 2020

Write to the Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group to Support Music Education


On May 11, the Governor’s appointed Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group, which does not include any statewide elected official, hosted a roundtable discussion on education in the state. The roundtable included leaders of secondary and higher education and other statewide leaders (unelected).

Notably missing from Monday’s discussion was a leader from the music/arts field, in addition to teachers who have first-hand knowledge of the classroom dynamic.

As the conversation continues regarding what this fall’s school year will include, music education is a subject that faces diminishment or complete removal from curriculum because of COVID-19. Art, physical education and other electives face a similar outcome.

As a ranking member of our legislature’s Education Committee, I recognize the importance of music education and other elective courses. These areas are vital to developing well-rounded students and enable them to fully realize their own potential. The committee chairs and the other ranking member are in full agreement.

Music can be taught safely in our schools; removing music education because of COVID-19 could result in its permanent removal. This outcome is unacceptable.

The Governor and the Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group must allow our teachers and music/arts professionals to determine how these subjects can be taught during COVID-19. As mentioned, these individuals are best suited to this task given their first-hand knowledge of their subject and classroom dynamics.


Email: [email protected]

Tell the Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group and tell its members that:

• Music education must be preserved
• Music education can be taught safely
• School districts/teachers should determine how to approach music education
• It is not the job of an unelected advisory group to change school curriculum

Include your name and town.

Email: [email protected]