Fasano Demands Transparency on State’s Contract with Reopening Consultant

May 27, 2020

Today Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano (R-North Haven) wrote to Governor Ned Lamont and his administration for a second time requesting documents and communication between the state and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), an out-of-state firm hired by the Governor for $2 million to manage the state’s reopening strategy. The consulting firm advises the richest companies in the world and last year had global sales totaling $8.5 billion. The hiring was not announced to the public and the details of the contract were never discussed or shared with the public or legislative leaders. Details emerged only after Governor Lamont was questioned by the press. The Governor has also announced that his state-based Reopening Advisory Group is being disbanded and BCG has taken over state reopening plans.


Fasano wrote to Governor Lamont and members of his administration privately on May 19, 2020 requesting copies of all documents and written communication between the Governor’s administration and BCG. No information was shared. Today, Sen. Fasano wrote to the Governor again demanding transparency.


“Since these documents and communication are guiding the state’s reopening policies, I do not see why they would not all be readily available to be shared with legislative branch leaders and now ask that they be shared immediately,” Fasano wrote.


“This request is extremely timely as the Boston Consulting Group has been hired by the Governor’s administration to act as the control tower overseeing the state’s reopening efforts and coronavirus response strategy. Further, the Governor has made it clear that the Advisory Group will soon be fully replaced by the out of state consultants at BCG. Decisions are being made and changed on a daily basis that are impacting the residents of Connecticut we serve and we have an obligation to bring transparency to this process and ensure these decisions are in the public’s best interest.”

View Sen. Fasano’s letter.