Sen. Champagne Requests Update from CT DOL on Unemployment Processing, Status of Claims

April 20, 2020

Vernon – State Senator Dan Champagne (R-35) was joined by the entire Senate Republican Caucus in a letter sent to Connecticut’s Department of Labor (DOL) making very specific requests for detailed information surrounding how the agency is handling the sharp surge in new unemployment claims.

Read the letter here.

The letter included the following asks:

  1. A summary of the 60,000 claim test performed on April 15, 2020,
  2. How many claims have been processed since the system upgrades were implemented,
  3. How many outstanding claims remain,
  4. Whether or not the Department remains on track to begin distributing the additional weekly $600 benefit in federal stimulus funds by April 24th
  5. Whether or not Department remains on track to begin the new benefit program for self-employed individuals by April 30th
  6. A timeline for processing claims over the phone.
  7. A timeline for being able to address case specific questions over the phone.

Last week, Gov. Lamont announced that there were soon-to-be-implemented technological upgrades at the DOL which will reduce the six-week processing time to a single week.

“Last week, the Governor stated that the reopening of the state’s economy could take place during the next ‘2,3,4 months.'” While this is an unprecedented time for the state, DOL must fulfill its duty to provide support and assistance—in a timely manner. If struggling residents, looking to take care of themselves and their families, are going to be out of work for this extended period time, then DOL must act now to provide these hardworking individuals with the support that they are entitled to,” Sen. Champagne said.