Sen. Sampson: Bond Package “Irresponsible and Excessive”

March 11, 2020

HARTFORD – Senator Rob Sampson (R-16) released the following statement following today’s bond package vote.

“The state house and senate were surprisingly brought into session today even though the decision was made only the day before to close the building for four days for a deep cleaning as a health precaution.


“The very “important” business that required the legislature’s urgent attention was to pass the largest bonding package this state has ever seen – a multitude of projects to be funded on the backs of this and future generations of CT taxpayers.


“This supposed “debt diet” was documented in 200 pages and nearly $2 billion in borrowing.  Last I checked, you would typically use the term “diet” when referring to a reduction or removal.  However, this bonding package could only be described as irresponsible and excessive.  Among other questionable things, It includes millions in pork projects including dumping another $65 million into Hartford’s XL Center and priming the future and inevitable mismanagement of the state‘s paid family leave program.


“Despite the best efforts of Connecticut’s few dedicated fiscal conservatives in the house and senate, the package passed overwhelmingly.


“Today’s panicked push to enact a record-setting borrowing plan is a clear symptom of the deterioration of democracy in Connecticut.  The rushed bonding vote is a clear indication of the coming onslaught of policies to be rammed through under the guise of necessity.  If the regular session is suspended, the majority democrats and governor will be able run any of their pork projects and political favors through under the procedural work around allowed by “emergency certification.“


“If public hearings and committee meetings are further limited, you can bet that the term “e-cert” will spread faster than the coronavirus. If public hearings and committee meetings are further limited, Connecticut’s democrat leaders will no doubt exploit the COVID-19 health issue to advance their own agenda. I will be keeping a very close watch on what happens next in Hartford.”