Sen. Champagne Supports Measures to Aid Homeowners: Testifies in Support of Crumbling Foundation Bills

March 11, 2020

Sen. Champagne, Co-Chair of the Crumbling Foundation Caucus, provided testimony in support of several measures to assist homeowners affected by crumbling foundations on Tuesday, March 10.

The measures include: extending the date when such claims may be filed, expanding insurance coverage to include such claims, and providing mortgage forbearance for affected homeowners.

Thousands of homes in the Stafford Springs region either were affected, or have the potential to be affected by this issue.  The root cause for these crumbling foundations is the presence of a certain mineral present in concrete that originated from the area.

Sen. Champagne supported raised bills in both the Insurance and Real Estate Committee and Banking Committee written to assist affected homeowners.

Watch his testimonies below:

Insurance and Real Estate Committee Public Hearing (3/10/2020)

Banking Committee Public Hearing (3/10/2020)