From Sen. Formica – COVID-19 Message and Update

March 13, 2020

Friends and Neighbors,


On an otherwise beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, I am at my kitchen counter reflecting on the dark cloud of concern, apprehension and fear spreading across our district, our state and our country today. We watched as China, Italy, South Korea then Europe tried to stop or contain COVID-19 (a particular strain of the coronavirus) as it began to quickly infect more and more people across the globe, while slowly making its way here.


In Connecticut, as of today, March 13,­ there have been 136 tested with 11 positives in people in varied age ranges across our state. Data shows that the virus can impact many, many more, and It is showing that it could impact us all but perhaps poses a greater risk to our older population and for those with health concerns already.


Governor Lamont is providing daily updates for public information every afternoon and I will post links to for your convenience.


State Senate and House leadership teams are in close contact with the Governor’s office daily to offer unified assistance and are keeping their members informed in real time.


Please adhere to this advice and to your local leaders and health professionals as they advise us on best practices to guide us all through this event as safely and as healthily as possible.


As you know the capital complex will be closed for the next two weeks at least and now many local school districts are following suit in an attempt to stop, or at least slow, the spread of the virus.


We all will be affected together in many of the same ways through this event, yet each of us will be impacted personally in our own particular situations. I know that we will have to manage as best as we can for our families.


I learned as first selectman during two major hurricanes, although they were events that primarily caused property damage and service inconvenience, that communication, cooperation and community focus were the keys to moving forward safely and expeditiously.


I applaud the Governor and his team for his daily updates.  Along with those links, I will provide the recording of a wonderful Facebook Live event Senator Somers held with our local health care professionals as well as any other information that comes my way.


I have reached out to all the mayors and first selectmen in the 20th district with an offer to help should they require my assistance in any way. These local leaders along with their great teams will be at ground zero during this time and will need as much support as we can all offer.


We will weather this storm working together as one community as we live in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world.


I ask you please remember to be kind, to be patient, to be alert, to be vigilant and cautious as together we marshal the resolve to move thru this crisis. I remember my dad used to say that “this too shall pass.”


When it does let’s look back with the pride of a strong community knowing that we did our best together. Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of service.


Be safe,


Paul Formica

State Senator, 20th District

[email protected]

860-739-4688 (Home)